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Hello and Welcome to my Art Shop! :)


I am a graphic designer and self-taught illustrator from the

Caribbean living in the countryside of Zurich. 

I am also a Yoga and Meditation teacher and although I am

not teaching at the moment, I draw Yoga postures for

school manuals most of the time.

I paint bodies practicing Yoga with watercolors.

There is also a character called Oomberto, who does his

best to demonstrate what meditation feels like to me :)

They are meant to be reminders from the heart, to inspire you to appreciate your moments of silence and to look to the beauty within. 

And I cannot forget to mention the latest addition, the apple of my eye: my very own original STICKERS!

I hope you sweeten your favorite nook with one of my original art prints, or embellish your postcards, journals, or planners with my stickers:. 

Thank you for visiting, have a nice day! 


* If you want to see more of what I do, check out my Art Portfolio here :)


“Whatever is most active in your vibration will continue to occur in your experience:.”

- Abraham-Hicks -

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