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Blessings: Testimonials

“The word to describe Sara is LOVING.
From her voice to her presence, it is all about love.”

Andrea Jones

"Sara is a very spiritual being; practicing Yoga with her is an extraordinarily elevating experience. The asanas, deep breathing techniques and meditation are intimately linked  and let you sweep away in a delightful flow. At the end of the session I always feel light and liberated!"

Mariane Steffen

"Sara takes you on a very special journey, where you forget everything else around you
- you are listening only to the rhythm and following her voice. After a Yoga class with
Sara you’ll grin from ear to ear, feel lighter, and have shaken off a week full of work.
I love it because there I can be myself!"

Marta Vizek

"I had the opportunity to attend Sara's class for the first time and it was fantastic. The class was strongly relaxing, peaceful and with different types of stretching exercises which are very healthy for your body. The music was completely synchronized with the different parts of the class, so everything was aligned quite nicely. Her classes help me to disconnect and just relax. I totally recommend Sara's classes for any level you may be at Yoga."

Sylvana Sansone

“Sara is a unique kind of teacher and friend. With her I feel relaxed and free to be myself, she has this loving and attentive vibe that makes me feel comfortable almost instantly. Her class is such an interesting journey! Filled with passion, crafted with care and love, exposed with joy and respect...

I feel lucky to have her close! ”

Cris Salcido

"There are many beautiful people in my life and tonight I want to share a little note about one of them. Since I met Sara Sansone she has always been able to put a smile on my face.

Her heart is so special and everything she does, she does it with so much care.

Just like her magical Yoga class tonight, her choice of kriya, her music, her creativity in all she does.

She is also a very gifted artist and the below personalised mandala was born. This mandala has a deep meaning and many stories within and the power is quite magical. The best birthday gift I ever gave. I don't do this very often but if you ever need a talented artist or simply need a cheer up your heart and soul, do ask for Sara. Sara thank you for being in my life"


Lucia Hargasova

"Sara’s loving personality is evident in every moment of the practice and the attention she pays to every single detail. She genuinely wants to create an environment where everyone feels safe to let go and focus on transforming themselves through their practice."

María Carla Faccini

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