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I became a daily meditator around the year 2009.

From the beginning, I practiced chakra meditation while learning about energy,

vibration, and frequency from my meditation teacher in the United States, Rama.

In my life, there is a - before & after - m e d i t a t i o n  and, I owe this all to him. 

Later on, I found in Yoga a different approach to meditation. For example - in Hatha - using asana (still posture)

as a medium to arrive in the zone. And to my astonishment, to arrive at that same space of wholeness by doing the exact opposite; rapid movements, like in Kundalini Yoga.

Since then, I have explored various types of meditation to find myself in the zone,

where time stops and you can only flow...


I completed the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and now offer various techniques from my Yoga background and my own experience and practice:.


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