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Private Classes in the Confort of  Your Home

M e d i t a t i o n
When you allow your thoughts to come

through you without judgment.

· It is a way to relax - reduces stress
· A technique to promote health, vitality, and longevity
· A means to develop creativity, IQ, and peak mental performance
· A path to inner peace.

During this course we will be working with:

M a n t r a
Using a mantra while you’re meditating helps suppress

the thoughts and distractions that arise.

P r a n a y a m a 

(Breathing Techniques)

The practice of Pranayama develops a steady

mind, strong will power. Enhances perception.

It helps extend healthy life and delay the aging process. 

· Long deep breathing
· Nadi Sadhana
· Shitali Pranayama
· Breath of fire

M o v e m e n t 

(To activate circulation)
There will be specific gentle exercises to get the

circulation going, to awaken the natural breathing cycle,

and to stir up the energy within the body -

and use sensations to focus the mind.

C h a n t i n g
We will be also practicing chanting to enjoy the proven

benefits from the physics of sound, vibrations & resonance.

✫ F A Q ✫

Who is this class for?
Everyone is warmly welcomed to this meditation class,

regardless of prior experience.

What to wear?
There are no dress requirements; however, participants are

encouraged to wear comfortable clothing as

we will be practicing gentle exercises.

Will we be sitting in the same position for an hour?
No, most of the time we will be sitting, but we also stand,

stretch the legs, some times even dance for

a few minutes, and we lay down.

What if I fall asleep?
Do not worry. In the beginning, is very common to fall asleep

for a few minutes. With time and practice, you

learn to master staying present.

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