La Kundalinera practicing Lion Breath ♡

Lion’s Breath is a type of Pranayama that’s said to alleviate stress, eliminate toxins, and stimulate your throat and upper chest. In yoga, it’s also known as Lion Pose.


Here’s how to do Lion’s Breath:

  • Find a comfortable seated position.
  • Lean forward slightly, bracing your hands on your knees or the floor. 
  • Spread your fingers as wide as possible.
  • Inhale through your nose.
  • Open your mouth wide, stick out your tongue, and stretch it down toward your chin. 
  • Exhale forcefully, carrying the breath across the root of your tongue.
  •  While exhaling, make a “ha” sound that comes from deep within your abdomen. 
  • Breathe normally for a few moments. 
  • Repeat lion’s breath up to 7 times. 
  • Finish by breathing deeply for 1 to 3 minutes.


  • It helps cleanse out toxins.
  • Is good for the throat chakra and thyroid.


Lion Breath, La Kundalinera:.

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