Living with Intention, The Blog:. ♡

Welcome, everybody, to Living with Intention, the blog. The idea of having this blog is to share my journey, the things that work for me, the things I like - in short, just a little love:. :)

I will share my tools to stay afloat in this crazy world.

As part of these tools, I will be talking about the Law of Attraction

in a practical way. I will be sharing gentle exercises

to boost your mood, or to cope with ____________ (fill in the blank).

Sustainable homemade cleaning ideas, smoothies/juices recipes,

and even rituals for special occasions.

So maybe you would like to subscribe, so you don't miss anything...

Or at least, I would LOVE you to subscribe!

Stick around and let`s keep the conversation going.

I hope you join me and leave me lots of comments... :) All the love, always... Sara:. ♡

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