Dear Yogis & Friends:. Happy New Year!! It took me forever to come back to my blog, so much has happened, but I couldn't go on without sharing a new post to celebrate 2018. A fresh start, a white canvas to fill in with new adventures and priceless lessons and experiences. I thought my first post of the year would have to be about something really important, and what is more important than the BREATH?:. TO BREATHE: respirar, in Spanish - From Latin spīrāre, the present active infinitive of spīrō. I had a Teacher once, that taught me the root of this word is linked to a different word; SPIRIT:. He explained; "Our breathing and our Spirit are one and the same". Through the breath, we feed the spirit. And what we breathe in, whenever we do it consciously, is more than just air, it is Prana, Chi, the vital force that is intimately connected to our health, to our healing ability! You would think that if you are alive then you sure know how to breathe, but you are wrong. Most of the time, our breath is shallow, only happening in the chest area. When we breathe, long, deep, and consciously, our brain sends a message to the entire body that says; - Everything is OK! We are good to go! - And, so, the body relaxes and every organ starts doing its job, which is to maintain balance. This translates into keeping you healthy! When we breathe consciously, the body is able to eliminate around 70% of toxins. This alone can give you an idea of the body´s capacity to heal itself. The Hypothalamus, connected to the Pituitary Gland in the brain, gets activated. Every organ is able to do its job and so we breathe not only to survive; to stay alive, but we breathe to heal. "When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace," the saying says - because it is through creating moments of silence, directing our attention inwards, and focusing on the breath, that we are able to slow down and come to balance. So, talk about new years resolutions! How about if we make our number one goal to breathe consciously more hours a day?! Wouldnt that be amazing? To be able to stay present, to avoid reacting to everything that happens to us in daily life. We only need to allow our breath to happen in a natural and deep way. Extend your life by extending your breath and rock this year like only you can!:. Cheers to all our dreams and goals, may we be filled with gratitude for everything we have in our life, good and bad.


I wish you a great 2018! All the love, always:. Sara:. ♡

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