Choosing an intention for your practice:.

You know, like some teachers always begin their class with - "Choose an intention for your practice.."

I remember I would dismiss these words, keeping my eyes closed without knowing what intention to pick... or how exactly work with the intention throughout the practice.

It took me some time to understand how to merge intention with practice...

An Intention is a desire set in motion by the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the actions you take.

Since Yoga is a practice of self-awareness, the task is to look within, and ask - what am I lacking today? What do I want to cultivate, to work on...? Space, Peace, Acceptance...? Perhaps focusing on something tangible, like the breath, or synchronizing breath with movement. We can take the time to go within and find what it is that we need so that we can attend to those needs. Then, the practice gains so much value, it becomes whole and transformative. Only then can we be cultivating self-awareness.

As you breathe long and deep, allow an intention to come forward; something you want to dedicate or devote your practice to. It might be something you want to resolve. Whatever it is, just say this to yourself like a mantra: Today I am dedicating my attention to...

Today my seed is...

Every time your mind wanders around, thinking about the book you forgot, or the list of the supermarket, or what you didn't say but should have... you come back to your breath and remember your intention. I know! After all, it is a practice... and that is what is called. ;) This is all for now, everybody! I hope this post inspired you to include an intention in your practice:. In my next post, I will be talking about the Sun Salutations and why you want to learn it by heart. Until then! :)

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