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Practice lead by Intention:.

I look back to when I started practicing Yoga and I remember that I learned the Sun Salutations by heart, after probably a year - year and a half of practice. I think my intention was to follow the teacher`s instructions, and simply exercise. Never to close my eyes and go within... It was the teacher who always encouraged these things... Otherwise, I would probably have never tried them.

And if it happened to me, it probably happens to others, that the quick pace of the week drags you into it and it takes time to realize that Yoga plays by different rules. It is a practice of self-awareness and self-love... and you learn this with time.

So, the other day I came up with a story to help the yogis in my class remember the Sun Salutations, so that they can learn them by heart, close their eyes and go within.

I said to them:

- It all starts with an Intention that is born inside your heart...

And so, your hands are in prayer mudra at your heart centre, from where you take that seed that is your intention and bring it up between your hands, into an upward salute to the Sun.

We present the Sun our intention, so that he can infuse it with clarity and bless it with light.

Bend forward, reaching for your mat. Carefully bringing your seed down to the earth, planting your intention, hands on the mat.

Bend your knees, chest halfway up, look up to check in with the Sun in complicity, keeping him up to date, you already started taking action.

Step back into high plank, and notice how your hands and feet are deep into the earth, working on your intention...

and when you "Chaturanga" you put not only hands and feet but your soul!

​Flow forward, chin first, then the nose to the mat. Roll up into a little back bend, open your chest into Cobra and add your heart to the mix.

As you exhale, lift the hips up and root yourself by the hands and feet into the earth - Downward Dog - by this point your intention became your home, the place where you rest your mind.

Look at your hands, ahead into the future, and step forward.

Keep working under the Sun, bend your knees, chest halfway up, look up, checking once more with your ultimate guide, the Sun:.

Bend forward as you reflect on the job done with humility and go through the strategy, making ammends with the clarity we got from the Sun, thinking, -"How can I do better next time?"

Wanting to continue learning having the certainty that there is always room for expansion.

Bend your knees and slowly roll up, as you gather your hands over your head presenting to the Sun what you`ve accomplished.

Lower the arms bringing your prayer home, back to where it all started, back to your heart in appreciation!

Repeat! :)

I hope this short story about the intention of your practice helps you not only remember the poses of the sequence in the right order, but give meaning to it, too. Tell me if you liked it!! It took me forever to finish these illustrations! Can you guess who the model is? :) This is way too long... Until next time, everybody! Enjoy what's left of the weekend! And don't forget...

Reading is Sexy... ;)

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