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Do you know what the biggest difference between gymnasts + athletes + dancers, and the Yogis is? The breathing. When breathing correctly, the body is able to remove (approximately) 70% of toxins. We breathe correctly when we sleep, because the mind (the ego) is asleep and does not interrupt the natural mechanism of the body. The rest of the day, most probably, you are not breathing correctly. Specially with nowadays routines and hectic pace. It is now become popular the idea that the body has the ability to heal on its own. It is not just an idea, it is proven by Science! Did you know that each organ of your body has its functions but sometimes, most of the time, these organs are asleep due to lack of use? - TO UNDERSTAND THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE YOU MUST NOT SEARCH IN HEAVEN... TO UNDERSTAND THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE HAVE LOOK INSIDE YOU ... Unfortunately, in Western culture we pay no attention to the breath, although hopefully this is rapidly changing. It is up to us not only to change but to spread the word. I have news for you: The fact that you are alive does not mean that you know how to breathe. "Breathe", the word comes from the Latin. It means - Spirit - and it is not by chance.

When we breathe consciously we connect to our spirit:. When we breathe consciously our mind becomes a blank canvas. Giving us the space to observe without judgment, and to feel safe in the world. When we breathe consciously we are feeding our spirit.

Meditation, Yoga and breathing are closely linked! Yoga is like meditating using the body as a means. It's about paying attention to each part. With the breath you are able to connect with your essence, with your subtle body. All you need to do is to observe your breathing, making yourself aware of it. In my experience, either way, practicing Yoga or just meditating at home led me to notice how the precious silence in my mind opened up a space within me. A space for my spirit to grow and develop. And every time I sat down to meditate the space grew larger and larger, and I felt how my spirit grew stronger. Even the voice of my conscious felt louder. *O*! A flicker of light opened a gap between a racket of fears and guilt. With practice, that little flicker of light expanded while at the same time, in my day to day - in the practical sense, I could feel my ego weakening. It is transforming! Let's say that the disproportions between ego and consciousness began to change... I noticed it out of my mat or my meditation cushion, at work, in situations I know I would have reacted, otherwise.

Surprised I notice that I am different, that I do not jump, that I breathe and that I am happy ... :) THIS, in addition to the feeling of being weightless after each meditation. I understood I was creating a space of peace within me, a space of immensity, abundance ... and happiness:. It is really addictive, because it only brings you wellness and you want to do it to feel better and better. I will never tire of recommending it, - "learn to meditate", is the best thing you can do! I know it is the wisest thing I have ever done. There are many different paths to reach the same destination. There are many techniques to meditate, and many types of Yoga, too ... The best thing is to try until you find the perfect fit for you. I practice a meditation technique that is "self-healing". It consists in meditating on each chakra. I began doing it for 10 minutes and was able to build up from there. I meditate every day and sometimes several times a day. Maybe there are times when I do no, but it is not the usual thing, and when that is the case, it only serves to remind me that I should never stop doing it. The difference is noticeable. Just like when I'm not practicing Yoga - I guess that's what it's about, keeping up the vibration in this world of contrasts. That is the real work.

- "La mirada cambia a lo mirado. Si te amo es porque aprendí a verte." A. Jodorowsky ♡

- "Accept the present moment and you will find perfection that is deeper than any form and is not affected by time."

Eckhart Tolle, "A new world, now:" ♥:.

-> "What is the soul? --> Consciousness. The more awareness, the deeper the soul, when such essence overflows, sacredness is around."



- "The collective disease of humanity is that people are so focused on what happens, so hypnotized by the world of fluctuating forms, so absorbed in the content of their life, that they have forgotten the essence, what is beyond content, beyond form, beyond thought: "

Eckhart Tolle, "A new world, now:"


Would you like to learn to meditate? Would you be interested in me sharing some meditation exercises I learned from Kundalini Yoga? Please let me know! This is all for now, until next week! All the love!


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