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The diminishment of the word "esoteric":.




- Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

"esoteric philosophical debates"

Synonyms: abstruse, obscure, arcane, recherché, rarefied, recondite, abstract, difficult, hard, puzzling, perplexing, enigmatic,

cryptic, inscrutable, Delphic;

complex, complicated, involved, over/above one's head, incomprehensible, opaque, unfathomable,

impenetrable, mysterious, occult, little known, hidden, secret, private, mystic, magical, cabbalistic;

rare involuted

According to the Aristotle School: - "Esoteric" = very complicated philosophy that only scholars or "insiders" could understand. - Esoteric ≠ Exoteric (from the Greek Exoteric) root = EXO: Outside - referring to simple philosophies understandable by "outsiders" :.


The diminishment of the word "esoteric" comes as no surprise.

Until now, we have lived in a world where everything that matters is outside. God is outside (you find him/she/it at Church). Health, outside (you need to go to the doctor to heal), same goes with education, beauty, wealth, etc ...

What it is, is the thought that dominates our culture and the historical moment we live in. But, the historical moment we live in is about to change. We are in the middle of a great shift, like when the understanding of the world shifted from a flat earth to a round one.

Exoteric and Esoteric, they were originally two branches of education (Greece, year 335 of our era) Exoteric was what was taught outdoors, suitable for everyone, while the Esoteric was taught within the school walls and was reserved for a select group, with a certain level; the initiated: We speak of the Schools of Plato and Aristotle, when esoteric referred to the set of techniques, practices, rituals, of a "religion." In theory, religion seeks connection with the divine. While the masses follow instructions, the initiates know the form and content of those instructions. ;)

But we have come to a time in the history of mankind, when the masses are waking up. They no longer need to follow instructions because they recognize God within themselves and everyone becomes their own Guru.

This is the moment when we realize that "it´s not this OR that ... it´s this AND that!" :) In the practical sense, f.e., we are moving from focusing on the choice, to understanding how the right to choose is even more relevant than the choice itself.

We have gone from denying our spirit to accepting it as another aspect of BEING, and this is when we go from being exoteric to esoteric initiates. Just look at how the practice of meditation or the knowledge about natural medicine (plants and herbs) has become popular, even trendy!

Currents such as materialism, become obsolete as time goes by ... (Materialism defends the idea that only matter and what our senses are able to perceive, exist.) More frequently, new discoveries and more evidence come to light of how matter is just one aspect of BEING, of ourselves. More and more the message is being heard:

We are multi-dimensional beings.

Deepak Chopra speaks extensively about "the thinker behind the thoughts."

Joe Dispenza, made a study with cancer patients who had overcome it and discovered that they all had in common the recognition of a superior force connected with themselves that makes them responsable for the experience they are living.

Louise Hay, in her book "Heal your body", talks about the language of the body and how diseases are the way our soul talks to us about what we need to change if we want to heal.

With all being said...

The diminishment of the word "esoteric" will also be a thing of the past as we approach a new era, more inclusive, lead by a new wave of ideas and thought. And as we continue to expand, we discover that while it is true that we are all equally human beings (THIS), it is also true that we are all unique - like the leaves of a tree (THAT). The tools have been unburied for you to choose your own, the one that works best for you. No judgments - aware of this ultimate truth - Change is the only constant; You are here today, but tomorrow you might be some place else:.

Grateful for your time,


☜ ♡ ☞

Thank you, to my childhood friend, Verónica Ruíz, for her contribution:. ;)

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