Essentials for the perfect Yoga nook:. / Esenciales para tu espacio de Yoga en casa:.

Here are our essentials for the perfect Yoga nook. All acquired in the past 10 years or so.

Because really, you do not need anything to practice Yoga...

but there are a few things that can enrich the experience by stroking the senses, for example ;


The smell of white sage before starting, or the gentle light coming from the salt lamp - besides all the benefits it brings to the nervous system.

Candles are capable of transforming every corner into a sacred space, so they are always in.

The blanket and the socks for Savasana are a must.


Sometimes I need something special, it is nice to know I can reach for my Tibetan bowl and enjoy its vibrations... Other times when the mind is too wild, having the mala close by is a gift.

A warm cup of your favorite herbs infusion, or chai, is so comforting and pleasant.

Flowers or plants beautify and enhance high vibrations, same with crystals and music.

They all help to create the perfect atmosphere to tune out from the world and drop-in, to tune in with yourself.


What are those things that are your favorites to adorn your practice with?

Please, tell me👇🏻💕