La Kundalinera practicing Kunchun Mudra Meditation ♡

This redhead is practicing an exercise called kunchun-mudra, in Kundalini Yoga.

It is very powerful and cleansing, that is why the color of her leotard is purple and green, plus it relaxes the whole body.
Have you ever tried it?

It is a challenge to master, it is not just what you see here, but there are many things happening inside the body that we are not able to see... 

Would you like to try?
Here is how:

  • Sit in easy pose. Both hands in Gyan mudra. 
  • The left lower arm is in front of the chest, parallel to the floor, the palm of the hand facing down. The right upperarm is sideways, with the lowerarm vertical on the floor, the elbow sharply bent. The palm of the right hand is facing up and near the ear and stretched backwards as far as possible. 


  • Stretch out your back. Breath in, pull up the muscles of the buttocs, hips and sides. Lift the upperbody until there‘s no weight left on the buttocs. Pull in the belly and lift up the ribs and the diaphragm, widen the chest, pull in the chin, hold this position for 30 seconds and relax. 
  • Continue this exercise for 5 minutes, then breath in, breath out and relax.
  • Tighten everything again and lift up the chest and chant with the tip of the tongue ‘Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio’. 
  • Stay in this position keeping the upperbody lifted up. The eyes will feel heavy and the breathing will become very light. 
  • It is important to do this mudra very precise. Continue for 5 minutes, then breath in, breath out and relax.

This mudra can be practiced as long as you wish, but increase the exercise time gradually and ENJOY!

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