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So long - No see

Too long time without a word. I know.

Do you know what took me to sit down and update my blog?

It took me to have an accident that sent me to the hospital for 3 weeks and treated me with 2 surgeries withing the first week.

Yeap... that's what it took.

So, I was in the middle of my one-month subs at Gobinde Studio, I still had two more weeks to cover before my beloved teacher and friend Judith, came back from her yearly Yatra to India... It was morning, I was cleaning up the nest and multitasking intensely, my parents in law were to arrive in the evening, and I still had to prepare that night`s class...

The accident happened, I slipped from a higher level, landing on my ankle...

The ankle broke in the worst way, and from both sides of the leg. Smashed, destroyed. Tibia and Perone also separated.

I now have to plaques and 7 screws...

I had my third surgery two months ago and I have been slowly recovering in the comfort of my home, with my beloved husband and the two fur balls.

The day I came back from the Hospital

It`s been quite an experience, very painful, where I have had the opportunity to put to good use all the tools I `ve been accumulating for the past years.

The accident happened on February 18. It`s been 4 months of slow recovery, coming from being almost completely dependant on my husband to slowly releasing the crutches and walking. Being able to cook for me, and little by little come back to the daily routine in the house... ​

A drawing I did while in the hospital, longing to be at home

It has been a thrill learning to walk again. Aside from the pain, it is so exciting I often cry as I am walking.


I do walk like Frankenstein, but the important thing is that I can walk. I am attending physiotherapy weekly plus the Yoga toolbox, it is only a matter of time...

I cannot help to feel so blessed.

So, that was quite an update!

Hope to be back soon, I have lots to share!

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